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Hearing for

Babacar Mbacke.

Hearing for Babacar Mbacke.

Growing up with all five senses.

Hearing as a key organ for a social life.


In October 2020, through our financial support, two-year-old Babacar from Senegal received ear implant surgery and thus one of our most important human senses – the gift of hearing. This change not only gives him the chance to fully perceive his environment, but he also now has the opportunity to learn to speak and thus be more easily integrated into his social environment. For a more independent and social life. With all five senses.


Current status

Little Bouba is now getting used to his new condition and is gradually learning to speak. With the support of Fondation Aline he is attending twice a week a speech therapist and the rest of the week he is busy socializing and making new friends at the special school for hearing-impaired children.


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