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Doing good.

With our heads,

hearts and deeds.

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Fondation Aline.

Helping. Supporting. Promoting.

Our contribution to an independent and better life.


To fully realise one's own potential and thereby build a better and independent existence: This is our vision and desire for every human being.
We strive to achieve this vision by promoting self-reliance. Being self-reliant means taking your life into your own hands and building something. The goal is to also help and encourage others to be self-reliant as well, to help strengthen the community.
Creating this momentum is our vision and that is exactly why we have created the Fondation Aline. For all those who would like to share our vision.

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Who we are

A neutral entity.

For helping people to help themselves and become autonomous.


Based in Lucerne, we are a politically and denominationally neutral, independent foundation. We act charitably and non-profitably and ensure sustainable development with our goal of "helping people to help themselves". The honorary Board of Trustees consists of three members: Barbara Erni, Corinne Bachmann and Doris Mauron (President).

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What we do

In the interest of the community.

For fundamental values, family and health.


We are convinced that a solid foundation is the prerequisite for an independent life. Our focus is therefore on core values. First and foremost, we focus on global well-being in the areas of:


Culture and Social Issues 


Ethics and Society


Health and Sport 


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Projects we support

Projects dear to our hearts:

Direct and tangible. Effective.


We support the uniqueness and diversity in our projects and are actively involved in all of them. Both in Switzerland and worldwide, we act in a targeted, sensible and uncomplicated manner. In doing so, we never lose sight of our focus on "helping people to help themselves" with a sustainable impact.

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Your project is meaningful, inspired and persuasive.

That is something we support and promote.


Have you achieved something that deserves targeted support from one of our areas of activity and corresponds to our vision? Are you ready for it yourself? Do you have a mature, sustainable and charitable project? Contact us and convince us, because we would like to support, promote and accompany your project. We look forward to receiving your project application.

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Sheltered funds

Your philanthropic funding solutions.

Sustainability and doing good.


Fondation Aline. 

As a competent partner for your charity idea


You determine your philanthropic needs and we implement them. With our expertise and experience, we take care of your charitable projects effectively and efficiently on your behalf. Under the care of Fondation Aline, we provide the platform and are your partner for your protected fund.

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Our tribute to Aline



and committed.

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Who we are

With human kindness.

Sustainable and


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What we do

Our focus-

strengthening the


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With heart

and dedication.

Considerate, energetic

and efficient.

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New projects.


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Sheltered Funds

Your philanthropic

funding solutions.

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What is keeping us busy.

Clear and concise.

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