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New projects. Welcome!

Your project is meaningful, inspired and persuasive.

That is something we support and promote.


With a concrete project in mind and the clear goal of promoting an independent and better life, do you want to trigger the momentum, get the "help to help yourself" stone rolling and make your own contribution? Are you looking for financial support or know-how? Then contact us and convince yourself!

Our claim

With our extensive experience, we check your project. For us, it is important that your project serves to promote the ethical and social core values of society and fits into one of the three areas of Health & Sport, Culture & Social Affairs or Ethics & Society. Furthermore, we want to feel your motivation and inner fire. This increases the chances that we will support you in your project.

We will support you

Your project is meaningful and has convinced us. With our versatile support, we can help you financially, make donations in kind, share our know-how, provide valuable contacts and take on administrative tasks. All according to your individual needs.
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