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Doing good.

With our heads,

hearts and deeds.

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Our tribute to Aline



and committed.

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Who we are

With human kindness.

Sustainable and


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What we do

Our focus-

strengthening the


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Our focus – strengthening the foundation.

In the interest of the community.

For fundamental values, family and health.


Our own projects deliberately strengthen the foundation, because only on a strong foundation can people build an independent and fulfilled life. Once achieved, this has a positive impact not only on the individual, but also on the family and the community.

We are active in these three areas:

Health and Sport

Health is our most valuable asset and a necessary condition for a happy life, because being ill limits both the person affected and their environment. Our projects start in two places: On the one hand, we promote sporting activities to stay healthy. On the other hand, we enable sick people to access medical care. 


Support us and our projects in the area of health and sport and help to make a healthy and self-determined life possible.

Culture and Social Issues

In the area of culture and social affairs, the focus is on youth development. We support children and young people in difficult life situations by offering them a perspective. Their increased social competence strengthens their personality and enables them to form stable bonds and lead a happy family life. By supporting dignified work in the artistic field, the Fondation Aline also contributes to creating equal living conditions for artists in the visual and performing arts. This in turn strengthens the psychosocial well-being of the general public.


Support us and our projects in the field of culture and social affairs and help to make a relational and self-determined life possible.

Ethics and Society

Basic ethical and social values are central to harmonious coexistence in society. They are not a matter of course and must be lived, promoted and passed on to the next generation. In the area of ethics and society, the foundation focuses on the education and preservation of the basic ethical values of our society. In doing so, it operates on the basis of inclusion and acts independently of religious orientations.

Support us and our projects in the area of ethics and society and help to make a communal and self-determined life possible.

Support people.
For a dignified community.

Good fortune can be shared.  

Through your supportive commitment.


We take our social responsibility seriously. Help us to realise our vision. Your support helps people to lead independent and better lives and to strengthen the community. Donations of all kinds are welcome.


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With heart

and dedication.

Considerate, energetic

and efficient.

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