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Doing good.

With our heads,

hearts and deeds.

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Who we are

With human kindness.

Sustainable and


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Purpose and objective of the Foundation

Helping people to help themselves and become autonomous.

For a dignified community.


With its goal of sustainable development and helping people to help themselves, the foundation aims to be a global charity and non-profit organisation. It focuses on the areas of health & sport, culture & social affairs and ethics & society. The Fondation Aline is politically and denominationally neutral and independent.
In addition, the Foundation gives you and your philanthropic plans the opportunity to realise your ambitions through simple and personal solutions under the umbrella of the Fondation Aline, as it also acts as a platform for Sheltered Funds.


Fondation Aline

“A positive legacy to help those in need to help themselves.”

As philanthropic entrepreneurs, Aline Studhalter and her husband have always taken it to heart to run their respective careers in line with the values they hold dear: Charity, Sharing, Caring, Perseverance, Integrity and Loyalty. A shared ethic that has enabled them over the years to build a solid family while becoming successful leaders.


Aline's key principles that have guided her path and, after her departure in 2019, have thus not been forgotten by her preparations in 2018 and 2019 to join the Fondation Aline: Business, family and philanthropy have always been part of her DNA. Aline has always believed that ethical business requires charity and charity requires business. Just like her husband, an investor and leader of several large companies, whose parents instilled this philanthropic vocation in him from an early age: "It is more than a value, it is a life lesson, which is to help others and contribute to the development of a more just society".


With the creation of the Fondation Aline, Aline's life principles live on together with her family. "It is our will to give back a part of what life has given us by actively and sincerely working for those in need". In this way, Fondation Aline and its Board of Trustees put their influence at the service of the most disadvantaged to create a virtuous circle where each learns from the other to build themselves up. The Foundation Board with Aline in its mind and heart will undoubtedly be able to endow the Fondation Aline with a special sensitivity to open new doors to the world for children, for example, and to broaden the field of their possibilities so that they can become happy and independent adults tomorrow.


In order to be able to help in a results-oriented and sustainable way, the Fondation Aline approaches its task from a very special point of view: Helping people to help themselves, which means giving disadvantaged people the key to personal development so that they can rely on the values they have acquired in their further lives. They will then be able to take their future into their own hands and understand and shape their own life project.


In keeping with Aline's ethos, the Fondation Aline will be charitably involved in projects that the Fondation itself controls, thus influencing the impact on the one hand and being responsible for it on the other.


The Fondation Aline is a foundation under Swiss law with its registered office in Lucerne. It is subject to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations in Bern and is audited annually by this authority. The supreme body is the Foundation Board, which consists of three honorary members: Barbara Erni, Corinne Bachmann and Doris Mauron (President). The Foundation Board ensures the independence of the Foundation. In addition, it ensures that no conflicts of interest arise from the employment of the members of the Foundation Council. 


The management with all administrative tasks and costs is delegated on a voluntary basis to our neutral partner Lakeshore International Management Inc., a multi-client family office in Lucerne.


The Fondation Aline is recognised by the Canton of Lucerne as a non-profit organisation in accordance with the certificate of 18 May 2020 and is listed in the Foundation Register at the Federal Department of Home Affairs. Donors can deduct donations to the Foundation from their taxes.

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