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Fondation Skifuture Saanenland.


Fondation Skifuture Saanenland


Best conditions for children and young people.
Promoting and securing the future of skiing in the region.


In April 2022, the foundation stone was laid for the Skifuture Saanenland Foundation, which is part of the Sports sector. The Fondation Aline is one of the six founding members of the foundation. In addition to a significant financial contribution of CHF 200'000.00 to the establishment of the foundation, the Fondation Aline played a leading role in the design of the foundation structure and the business plan. The financing and realisation of the project came about thanks to the participation and support of the Fondation Aline.
The "Fondation Skifuture Saanenland" project is a public-private partnership in which the municipality and the canton also make their support contributions. In addition, a club model is being introduced in which members have the opportunity to support the Fondation Skifuture Saanenland with an annual contribution.


With a supraregional impact, the foundation aims to provide nationwide charity and public benefit in the area of sporting youth and health promotion in the Bernese Saanenland. This is achieved by providing training, development, testing and competition opportunities for young people from the Saanenland region and the whole of Switzerland.
The aim is to ensure the year-round operation and maintenance of the new facilities in the areas of alpine skiing and Nordic disciplines. This enables a large number of interested young people from the region, but also from all over Switzerland, to receive professional ski training in Gstaad and to qualify specifically for regional, national and international competitions. 
By supporting young skiing talent, the Fondation Aline not only contributes to health and quality of life, but also specifically works to strengthen the resilience of young people - regardless of their socio-economic background or physical conditions.


You can find more information about the project on the website of the Skifuture Saanenland Foundation.


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