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Michaël Lucerne.

Michaël Lucerne


Works full of abstraction and figuration.
Michaël Lucerne's individual world.


In the area of culture, the Fondation Aline supports the contemporary artist Michaël Lucerne, who grew up in Lucerne and has French roots.
Michaël Lucerne is a special kind of family friend: he was a long-time friend of the foundation's namesake, whose family has accompanied Michaël Lucerne's artistic work for more than 35 years.


The Fondation Aline supports Michaël Lucerne in writing his admirable life story to show how he successfully navigates the art world through painting, graphics, photography, sculpture and temporary wall installations. He has already carried out numerous projects with the Fondation Aline, and more are in the pipeline. Michaël's recognition among art connoisseurs is reflected in an increasing number of national and international exhibitions, including "L'arbre Noël 2022" in Ronchamp (FRA), various art exhibitions in Meissen, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman, as well as in his gallery Michaël Lucerne at Falkengasse 4 in Lucerne. Visitors are impressed by the sophistication of Michaël Lucerne's artistic work.


The Fondation Aline's long-standing commitment to this artist and cultural worker is oriented towards the multi-layered interactions between art and society.


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